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02 December 2021

Apple Picks Its Top Apps And Games Of 2021

From a guide to Black-owned restaurants to a remastered version of a classic game, the winners cover a lot of ground.

14 August 2021

14 Apps To Make Wedding Planning A Breeze

Signature Bride

The list of details to wrangle to get down the aisle can feel like it never ends, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Wedding planning apps are making it easier than ever to stay organized (and sane!) as the Big Day approaches. Here are 14 you’ll want to instantly download to make the process streamlined and enjoyable.

16 June 2021

Eat Okra’s New Marketplace Aims To Help Black Owned Businesses


In 2016, couple Anthony Edwards Jr and Janique Bradley, together with their partner Justin Johnson, created the EatOkra app to help users find Black-owned restaurants in their vicinity. Now the app is expanding to create a marketplace to showcase the products of Black and Brown food vendors.

07 June 2021

6 Ways To Find Black Owned Restaurants And Food Services In Your Area


As more people look for ways they can support black-led organizations locally and nationally, it's important to remember that one of the easiest things you can do is regularly buy from and support black-owned businesses including restaurants, bakeries, and other food services.

20 May 2021

Remembering Black Wall Street: Ways To Invest In Tulsa And Champion Black Businesses


EatOkra connects app users to Black-owned restaurants and food trucks.

31 May 2021

Interview With Eat Okra Founders, Anthony & Janique Edwards

Apple Podcast-
Restaurant Strategy

Anthony & Janique Edwards created the EatOkra App in 2016 as a way of supporting black-owned businesses in their neighborhood. Over the course of the last five years the app has exploded, now with more than 9,000 listings and 335,000 unique users. They have the unique opportunity of peeking behind the curtain of a lot of businesses, and I sat down with them to chat about everything they've learned in building this community.

24 May 2021

Eat Okra Founders Anthony & Janique Edwards On How 2020 And The Black Lives Matter Movement Took Their Mission To Spotlight Black Owned Business To A New Level. Plus Time Out’s Nyc Editor On The Latest Trends In The City

Podcast Guru

New Yorkers Anthony & Janique Edwards met on Tinder before marrying and founding the EatOkra app in 2016 as a way of supporting the Black community and celebrating Black-owned food and drink businesses. But it was the events of 2020, and the focus of the Black Lives Matter movement following the murder of George Floyd, that gave new energy and purpose to their mission. Here, Anthony & Janique tell Julio about turning a passion into a business, and why New York is the city they love. Plus, Julio speaks to Time Out New York editor Will Gleason about the latest trends in the city – including the return of roller-skating!

24 May 2021

Black Owned Businesses Gain Confidence


Support of Black-owned businesses has slowed since digital campaigns sparked a surge last year after George Floyd's death, but some owners say they now have more confidence that they can continue to grow.

22 April 2021

‘If Ever There’s A Time For Progress, The Time Is Now’: Are More Americans Supporting Black Owned Businesses?

Market Watch

George Floyd’s death last year and the following mass protests put the spotlight on Black-white inequality in all forms, including the challenges for Black-owned businesses.

22 May 2021

Uber Eats Announces New Dc Dining Experience To Promote Local Black Restaurant Owners And Chefs

Sandlot Southeast

Uber Eats has partnered with Suite Nation to present Sandlot Southeast, an outdoor cultural arts venue and shipping container bar with an indoor events space and community catering kitchen. Our mission, with support from &Access and EatOkra, is to showcase and highlight Black-owned restaurants and businesses in the DC metropolitan area through collaborative programming, strategic activations, and community engagement in neighborhoods with limited access to Black-owned restaurants and businesses.

02 March 2021

The Food Truck Scholar™️ Podcast

We’re excited to join forces with The Food Truck Scholar™️ Podcast to support Black-owned food trucks and restaurants nationwide!

With the growing desire to support Black businesses, there is no better time to champion the Black food scene. We’re making it easier by bringing attention to movers and shakers within our community and the Black food and beverage ecosystem as a whole.

Want to stay in the know? Follow @EatOkra on social media and check out The Food Truck Scholar™️ Podcast available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

20 March 2021

Chef Jj’s Crawfish Broil Is Made To Be Devoured S3 : E11


Gather your family and friends because Chef JJ's crawfish broil is flavorful, delicious, and ready to feed the masses!

04 February 2021

Eat Okra App Helps You Find Black Owned Restaurants In Your City

FOX 11

Founders Anthony and Janique Edwards discuss their mission to help diners connect with Black-Owned Restaurants

22 February 2021

Eat Okra App: The Brooklyn Couple Behind Mobile Guide To Black Owned Eateries


BROOKLYN — Meet the Brooklyn couple behind the EatOkra app, a guide to Black-owned restaurants and businesses in NYC and across the country.

Husband and wife co-founders Anthony and Janique Edwards said they came up with the idea for the mobile app when they moved to Brooklyn in 2016 and wanted to find and support local Black-owned businesses.

EatOkra’s mission is to provide a food-themed directory that encourages fellowship through one specific avenue, Black food.

11 February 2021

How Pepsi Bridges The Digital Divide For Black Owned Restaurants


Late last year, Pepsi announced an ambitious program to help Black-owned restaurants generate $100 million in sales over five years. Launched with a campaign to celebrate restaurants around the country, “Dig In” is designed to provide exposure and tangible assistance.

10 March 2021

12 Black App Developers You Need To Know


Black tech professionals are developing apps to improve everything from social justice, financial management, relationship coaching, networking, and many other uses. But there is not a lot of information in one cohesive place that highlights exciting technology applications founded by Black people to uplift the Black community.

09 February 2021

Modern Soul Conversation W/@Eatokratheapp

Black Food Folks

Modern Soul Conversation w/@eatokratheapp

12 February 2021

Use This App To Support Black Owned Restaurants Near You On Valentine's Day



11 February 2021

The Essence Of Soul Food: Eat Okr‪A‬

Interludes (Podcast)

In the first of a series on “Soul Food,” we start at the ending by meeting Andrew and Janique Edwards, the couple who created EatOkra, the app that finds Black restaurants. And we end at the beginning with the history of the vegetable that traveled with us from Africa: okra.

26 February 2021

Composer Nolan Williams Jr. Shares His Favorite Black Owned Restaurants In The Philadelphia Area

Philadelphia Inquirer

Composer Nolan Williams Jr. has partnered with EatOkra, a guide to Black-owned eateries, on an Apple Guide to Black-owned restaurants in the Philadelphia area.

16 February 2021

11 Black Owned Apps You Need To Download


For Black History Month, we made a list that rounds up Black-owned apps transforming everything from fitness to finance. Check them out!

15 February 2021

Eat Okra, Black And Mobile Are Helping Black Owned Restaurants All Over Metro Atlanta

Saporta Report

Last year the restaurant industry lost over $240 billion in sales, and that decline is continuing into 2021. These tech entrepreneurs are hoping to change that for Black-owned businesses, though. 

28 December 2020

Find The Best Black Owned Restaurants In The U.S. With This App

The Points Guy

If you’re interested in supporting Black-owned restaurants across the country, then you must download the Eat Okra app. The app, launched in 2016, is the brainchild of Anthony Edwards, Jr., a military veteran and web developer who lives with his co-founder and wife Janique in Brooklyn.

11 February 2021

15 Black Trailblazers Who Are Changing The Way We Eat And Drink In 2021

Time Out

Get to know the 15 Black trailblazers who are changing the way we eat and drink in 2021—and give them a follow to show your support and keep up with their latest initiatives.

20 February 2021

Eatokra Helps Users Find Black Owned Restaurants

Fox News Business

Eatokra founders Anthony and Janique Edwards discuss their app that connects users to black-owned eateries and bars all over the country.

19 June 2018

Eat Black, Stay Safe: Eat Okra App

Ark Republic

The re-emergence of racist and sometimes violent encounters between Black customers and restaurant workers motivated a military veteran to create an app for safe eating spaces and experiences.

16 July 2018

Dining App Eat Okra Is The New Green Book Guide For Black Restaurant Hunters

Cuisine Noir

Jennifer and Jerome Johnson were preparing for their first trip to San Francisco, California, to attend a conference. Noting that they would have some downtime, the couple searched for Black-owned restaurants online but were overwhelmed. A friend told Jennifer about an app, eatOkra, which made it simple for the Johnsons to locate eateries near their Union Square hotel.

17 July 2018

Dining App Eat Okra Is The New Green Book Guide For Black Restaurant Hunters

Milwaukee Community Journal

eatOkra is the first smartphone application to focus solely on black-owned restaurants and food establishments in the United States. Users can access a growing list of black, Caribbean, and African-inspired restaurants in a simple to use way that includes directions, rating options, and the ability to add a business via the mobile app or website.

23 July 2018

Racially Charged Incidents Mean More Business, Downloads For Eat Okra


Tech company founder and military veteran Anthony Edwards Jr. has noticed an increase in downloads and use on his eatOkra app — a guide to Black-owned restaurants — after news stories of racially-charged events are shared.

06 August 2018

Eat Okra App Brings Diners To Black Restaurants

The Louisiana Weekly

A recently released smartphone application for Android and iOS allows users to connect with more than 800 Black-owned businesses across the United States, including dozens in New Orleans.

13 August 2018

Eat Okra Dining App: The Next Great Resource

Food Before Love

Ever get the craving for some collard greens, mac and cheese and BBQ chicken made the way your grandmother makes them only to realize you’re states apart? Enter: eatOkra an app that helps users find the nearest Black-owned restaurant to satisfy their cravings.

24 January 2019

Eatokra App: Your Guide To Black Owned Restaurants

Black Food & Beverage

When you’re making a dinner reservation, do you care who owns the restaurant? Increasingly the answer is - yes people do care. 

21 December 2019

Anthony Edwards Jr: Co Founder

Heritage Radio Network: Tech Bites

The best ideas offer solutions to everyday needs. For Anthony Edwards, a software developer based in Brooklyn, and then-fiancé, Janique, deciding where to eat dinner was the focus one evening back in 2016. But there was a prerequisite — the restaurant had to be black-owned. 

19 July 2019

Scroll Through App Eat Okra To Find Black Owned Restaurants In D.C.

Washington City Paper

An app called EatOkra makes it easy to find and support black-owned restaurants in 35 cities across the U.S., including the District. New York newlyweds Anthony and Janique Edwards founded the app in Brooklyn in 2016. “We used the word Okra in the name because it was a seed brought over during the slave trade,” Edwards explains. 

25 February 2020

New York Based Couple Creates App To Find Black Owned Restaurants

Black Enterprise

New York-based couple and entrepreneurs, Anthony and Janique Edwards, were tired of struggling to find black-owned eateries, so they created an app that would solve that problem. EatOkra is a new app that connects users to black-owned restaurants in over 30 cities across the country. The couple founded the company in 2016 in Brooklyn.

25 February 2020

New York Couple Develops App To Help People Discover Black Owned Restaurants

Because Of Them We Can

New York couple Anthony and Janique Edwards are the creators of EatOkra, a new app that connects people to Black-owned restaurants in more than 30 cities across the United States, the Washington City Paper reports.

30 September 2021

Apple Celebrates Black History Month


Apple launches new editorial collections, Apple Maps Guides, the Apple Watch Black Unity Collection, Today at Apple sessions, and more.