• 2016


  • 2017

    App launched on IPhone and Android

  • 2020

    Trusted nationwide directory lists 7,000 black-owned restaurants, bakeries, cafes, food trucks, bars, and wineries across the U.S.

  • 2021

    Partnerships and Collaboration with major brands Apple, Uber Eats, Pepsi, Bacardi, and more

  • 2021

    National database with 9,500+ listings servicing 350,000 people.

Our Story

In 2016, Anthony and Janique Edwards created EatOkra as two Brooklyn transplants who didn’t have the means to cook or store food.

Without a stove or refrigerator in their new apartment, the husband-wife duo sought out spaces that were inviting, familiar, and brimming with the food they loved or would grow to love. Immersing themselves in their new community, the co-founders explored ways to support local Black businesses and champion the vibrant, cultural voices of their neighborhood, eventually planting the seed for EatOkra.


At the core of EatOkra is the okra plant, which honors the heritage and history of the African Diaspora. Okra was a plant first brought over from West Africa during the slave trade. Today, it’s a staple in dishes across the African Diaspora, traditionally used as a binding agent in Black comfort foods.

  • Reverence

  • Fellowship

  • Support

  • Celebration

  • Convenience

Through these five pillars, EatOkra vows to honor culinary heritage and history for the African diaspora; cultivate a community rooted in a shared love for Black food and businesses; uplift Black businesses owners and future trailblazers; celebrate food as a centerpiece of Black joy; and provide comfort to Black communities nationwide.

Our Purpose

EatOkra‘s purpose is to create digital spaces that inspire the larger community and Black business owners, enabling them to spread their wings and embrace their visions for tomorrow.

Our Mission

EatOkra’s mission is to support a vibrant community of consumers and business owners that honors and preserves the culinary heritage and history of the African diaspora. We create a space for all the voices in that community to come together and thrive. We empower consumers to claim their power as conscious buyers and discover a rich food culture while helping Black owners gain brand awareness and grow their businesses.

Meet the Team!

Janique Edwards

Co-Founder, COO

Anthony Edwards

Co-Founder, CEO & CTO

Jason Wallace

Director of Business Solutions

Brittani Harris

Digital Marketing Manager

Kevin Edwards

Customer Success Manager

Kiera Howell

Data Team Manager

Marvin Johnson


Chef JJ


Jeff Lindor